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Money is Not the Biggest Motivator

As a recruiter, I believe it is really important (actually somewhat imperative) that, when hiring, you to understand someone’s motivations. Without such an understanding, how can we make an accurate hiring decision? How will we know if they’re the best person for the job, or indeed how we should manage them, once in post, to [...]

Let’s put an end to those lousy job ads!

Collectively, we're doing a lousy job of attracting great talent to our businesses. "we're looking for skills in this", "we're looking for experience in that", "we offer a competitive and flexible package", "you'll be working with passionate people", "a tremendous opportunity for personal growth", blah, blah, blah, so most job ads go! Poor job ads are a symptom of poor [...]

How to Measure & Predict People’s Performance

I watched the film, Moneyball last night. A true story. For those who have not seen the film, it's the true story of the Oakland A's  general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to assemble a baseball team on a lean budget by employing statistical analysis to acquire new players. Historically, baseball coaches had valued athleticism. They still do. [...]

How to hire on Behaviours

My post last month was about Behaviours being the number one focus for the hiring process. Businesses consistently get it wrong, hiring mainly on experience, when it's mainly behaviours why someone gets fired, not experience. I said, in that post, that I would cover a way to hire on behaviours - how I do it. I [...]

Hiring on Behaviours

This sounds really obvious...but isn't the aim of any hiring about getting the right person in to a role (and I've underlined person for a reason). However….the mistake made by many businesses, when making a decision on the person they're going to hire, is that they focus far too much on  previous experience and, interestingly, previous experience [...]

How to engage your people and improve your bottom-line

Let me ask you a question, "Are your people fully engaged with your business?" Well, the evidence suggests that they're probably not. Here's some revealing research from Kelly Global Workforce Index.... 52% of people are happy in their current job 43% regularly think about quitting 55% are looking for a job 29% said that they would [...]

Hire Like Google

They’ve done it again. Google have just topped Fortune’s magazine’s list of top 100 Best companies to work for. A big part of this equation, it seems to me, is that the best talent attracts the best talent, which attracts the best talent and so on. One big virtuous circle! There must be some magic [...]

Hire on skills, fire on attitude?

A while ago, a previous boss of mine asked me a bit of an rhetorical questions, which was, “We hire on skills and fire on attitude, so why don’t we also hire on attitude.” As a young-ish and inexperienced manager at the time, struggling with the people management side of things, and looking for answers [...]

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