Guess What, People Lie On Their CV’s!

Guess what, people lie on their CVs. You probably know that already, but here are some alarming facts on the matter. 63% of CVs contain discrepancies, up 15% in the last decade! Some contain slight [...]

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Once You’ve Found The Best Candidate, How Do You Hold Onto Them?

Once you’ve found the best candidate, how do you hold onto them? Finding the right person for your business can be costly, whether it’s time or money.  It can be even more costly if you [...]

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How Many Of Your Existing Staff Would You Re-employ If You Had The Chance Again?

Have a think about this question, for a moment. If you’re struggling to answer it straight away, have a think about this: There’s 3 types of employee, in our view: The “Linchpins” – the people [...]

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The Risk of Recruiting Like-Minded People

You get on best with people like you – those who are like-minded, those who do as you do, those who see the world as you do. So, when it comes to recruitment, it’s unsurprising [...]

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How to Find and Keep Great Employees!

How to find and keep great employees. Finding and keeping great people is difficult, made even more difficult at the moment with with low unemployment in a tight job market. Whether it’s tied to a [...]

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Is a Slow Worker, a Bad Worker?

Is a slow worker a bad worker? Often we think this is so, but is it, really? What’s our view at Anderson Scott? Well – it depends. It sounds as though we’re sitting on the [...]

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