What’s the True Cost of a Bad Apple?

What’s the true cost of a bad apple? What’s the true cost of a bad hiring decision? Well, it’s probably more than you think. Based on studies, the average cost of a mis-hire is six-times [...]

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How to Interview a Candidate to Identify the Right Behaviours

How to interview a candidate to identify the right behaviours.   In our previous blogs, we have argued that to find the right person for the right role, behaviour is more important than experience - [...]

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Is Your Recruitment Process Current, Based On Today’s Challenges?

Is your recruitment process current, based on today’s challenges? It’s a fast-moving, dynamic business environment out there. To succeed, people are key; they are your greatest asset. A fast moving environment requires people with certain [...]

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Should a bad reference stop you from hiring someone?

So you have done your interviewing and made your offer to your new hire. All is looking good until you receive the references. We’ve all been there! The reference comes back and it isn’t a [...]

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Money is Not the Biggest Motivator

As a recruiter, I believe it is really important (actually somewhat imperative) that, when hiring, you to understand someone’s motivations. Without such an understanding, how can we make an accurate hiring decision? How will we [...]

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Let’s put an end to those lousy job ads!

Collectively, we're doing a lousy job of attracting great talent to our businesses. "we're looking for skills in this", "we're looking for experience in that", "we offer a competitive and flexible package", "you'll be working with passionate people", "a tremendous [...]

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